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Mobile Location Services:

You can now create a service (or promotion) for a non-specific location or remote address, such as a customer’s address.

You will need to specify the location in order to apply an assigned staff member and/or resources for the mobile location service, however if the mobile location checkbox is ticked, no address will appear on the customer’s confirmation email or SMS.



By adding the custom field ‘Customer address’, you can ask for the customer’s address, such as if the service is being performed there.



The merchant can also inform the customer of a mobile location, for example a training session held in a park, by using the ‘Additional message’ field on the Booking Form.






Custom Fields:

You can now add custom fields to a booking form, which allows you to ask specific questions to a customer whilst they are booking.







Normally when a service, staff or resource needs to be removed, one would have to cancel all of the scheduled bookings that include that item. Now, there is an option to deactivate the service, staff or resource so that no future bookings can be made and all bookings that are already in place will remain booked.






Location block-out:

The staff and resources will automatically be blocked in a blocked-out location. If the location is unblocked, any previously blocked staff or resources will remain blocked.






Adjustments to Service’s pricing and plans:

  • Any extra locations now cost $5 (not $15) on all plans
  • The Freemium plan now includes 100 bookings (instead of 20)
  • The Silver plan now comprises of 500 bookings (instead of 300)






Redeem vouchers:

You can now redeem Groupon vouchers directly from your Booking System on the day of the booking. Simply click the REDEEM button next to the booking or the REDEEM ALL button at the bottom.






Edit maximum capacity:

Modify a single event’s maximum capacity to cater for an unusual event by clicking Edit capacities on the Diary page. Modifying this will not change the capacity of other events in the same schedule.




Drag and drop schedules:

You can now drag and drop a particular schedule in the Diary’s Single Staff View. Click and drag the booking across time (up and down) and days (left and right) then drop! On the example below, the booking has been dragged and dropped from 3pm to 4:30pm.






Group booking details under one name:

Choose to take details of all booked customers, or just one customer while receiving a Group booking.



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